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I am having some weird problems with my radio/DIC.

Basically at this point whenever I turn on the car the clock flashes to be reset. The clock button does not work but I can adjust the time using the knob, if i hit display it switches from hours to min then if I adjust the minutes after a couple seconds it beeps and displays no update. At this point any button I hit on the radio/DIC pulls up the clock reset screen(flashing clock), that's any button; presets, display, enter, info...any button. The only way to get the flashing clock to go away is to turn the volume knob.

After playing with it for a bit I can get it to work as normal in that the buttons do what they are supposed to do. The only button that does not do what it is supposed to do is the clock button, at this point I can not adjust the clock in any way.

It's a super odd situation and I wondered if my radio was simply hosed or if there is some way to fix it. I tried disconnecting the battery to reset and it does not help. I have taken out the fuse for the radio with no luck.

Is there anyway to factory default the radio/DIC, even unhooking the battery and taking out the fuse don't fully reset it as the presets are still stored.

Thanks for any help.
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