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Radio only displaying CD text for the first few tracks..

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Anyone know why the track names of only the first few songs on burnt CDs are displayed on the radio? I can't figure it out. For maybe the first 7 or 8 songs I get the tracknames, and the rest of them just display the track number and time.

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I'll look for this.

What radio do you have? I have the 6 cd changer. Also, are these CDs copies of CDs or a bunch of wav files thrown on it?

Honestly, I didn't even notice the thing showed the song title so I'll take a look at it tonight.
GTPGuy82 said:
And the CDs are audio CDs with MP3 files on them. Not MP3 CDs, regular audio CDs.
I'm sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about here. "Audio CDs with MP3 files on them?" :confused:

I haven't been able to make my player display track names at all, so maybe if you can tell me how you've been doing that I can check. Also, all the CDs in my car are copies. I learned my lesson after having all of them stolen in the spring.
otcpharm said:
When you burn MP3 files onto a CD in audio format, you can edit the header for the file which includes track title, artist, and album title. The CD player reads that info and displays it.
Are you talking about the ID3 tags? I didn't even know the thing could play MP3s. Have to check that out.
otcpharm said:
It doesn't play MP3s. I said "When you burn MP3 files onto a CD in audio format", not in data format.

I don't mean to be an ass, but MP3 is an audio format. That's where the confusion came for me.

So I'm assuming then that you have been converting the MP3s to wavs?

I'm just trying to get clarification. So the player only displays info for "mix CDs" if you will, not a copied CD or a regular CD? It has to be a CD you created yourself, track by track?
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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