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Ram Air Hood

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My Ram Air Hood showed up today. I hope to have pics up as soon as it is painted. Hopefully by thursday or friday. Cant Wait.
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Hood went into the shop today, pics will be coming..
Are you gonna hook-up the air box too?? I did on mine it was a pain in the ass but worth it.
Yeah I had my Tech at my Dealership do it. He rigged it up in 25 min, and siliconed it to fill all the gaps. He is one of those guys that can do anything and everything. Hood will be done tommorrow pics will be posted soon and my new bagdes will be on in a few days as well.
Where does it dump the air? I have a cold air box from Dr SPeed that I love and would want to keep...hhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Right by the air conditioner line between your air intake and your painted 3500 cover,covert the silver bar. It would probably be alight like that. The air would flow that way more than likely.
New Pics up of my new hood and Pontiac Badges!!! Finally Done! Press the link and scroll to the bottom. Please vote if you are a member or tell me what you think!
Ram Air hood looks great! Looks fully functional, too. Dig the badges also!
Looks Nice!


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Thanks man, why did you post that pic, i dont know how to block that crap out. oh well
I thought you might like to have it, I just whipped it up for you.
looks great. looks very good on a black car. On g6's with the 3.9 engine the air box conversion in a bit harder to do because it's a much tighter fit. :cheers:
Thats what the guy told me from mpd, mine came on problem free. Thanks man
Wow, looks pretty good! The badges go well with the car, too.
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