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Rattle in Front End

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Here's the situation: '07 Pontiac G6 2.4L sedan with about 41K miles on it.

Had a rattle in the front end (muffled rattle heard best when driving at slow speeds like something is loose) so took it into the dealer to get it checked out. They replaced both front strut mounts and sway bar links. 2 weeks later, the rattle is back. This can't be the strut mounts again can it? Like I said, it sounds like something is loose in the suspension. Doesn't matter if your turning or going straight. No vibration or anything or feedback from the wheel, just this annoying muffled rattle sound in the front end.

Going to take it back in to get it looked at again when I get some time, just wondering what I should be telling them it is or where to look since they obviously didn't get it right the first time. TIA
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mine does it too. Only in cold weather below 32 degrees. It rattles going slow and over the smallest bumps. Gravel road/drive way..
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