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I have the 07 converable G6, the rattles coming from the trunk is getting VERY loud, it is turning into a rattletrap! I tookit to the dealer and they said there was nothing I could do except when I am not going to put the top down I could shove a blanket or something around the convertable mechinism to muffle the noise!!! I am almost ready to find something else as a new car should NOT have these issues!
Am I the only one with this problem?:confused:
Service bulletin "Rattle/Creak Noise Retractable Hard Top (Convertible) (Adjust Roof) #06-08-59-003B - (07/30/2007). Models 2006-2007 Pontiac G6 Built Prior to June 1, 2007. The conditions identified in the document were
Rattle/ticking type noises over bumps in colder weather from mid-roof area; Rattle/ticking type noise over bumps from the front top of the windshield header area;
Creak/pop type noise over bumps from rear quarter panel area;
Seal itch type noise;
Snap/ticking type noise over bumps from rear quarter glass area;
Snap/knocking type noise over bumps from rear shelf/tonneau panel/flipper door area;
Creak/pop/thump type noise over bumps in rear wheel well area;
Creak/pop/thump type noises over bumps in rear trunk area.

I would print this off and bring it with you to the dealership - this is also found on another post - you should use the search function - I would just have given you the link to the other area but I don't know how to do that so this is the best I could do for you
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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