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We bought our 05 G6 V6 in May 2005. We have had no problems with it and like it as much today as when we bought it. Ours is stealth gray metallic.
I'd buy another.
We don't have either sunroof.
The car rides well, handles nicely, gets good gas mileage has plenty of acceleration and a great interior.
It has been at the shop once...a recall on the torque on the harmonic balancer.
Our G6 now has about 16000 miles on it. It has been in the shop 3 times now...the harmonic balancer mentioned above plus twice for oil changes! That oil monitor system indicated >30% life left at about 7000 miles but it had been a year and at the end of the second year we got it changed again. The car has been great, no rattles, whirrings or other wierdness.

When given the opportunity to add another G6 to our house, we looked at several cars including the G6, the G5 and the Solstice. The practicality of the G5 (including lower initial price) won out. We are now a 2 Pontiac family, the 2005 G6 and a 2007 G5.

In addition to being terrific cars, our experience has benefited from a great dealership relationship. Our dealer is Burdette Brothers Pontiac in Hyattsown MD. It's one of those older, smaller family-owned dealerships and they understand that customer service is an investment!

It has been a while since I posted here and I just thought I'd reintroduce our Pontiac family.
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