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Re-paint Calipers? possible

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I want to repaint my break calipers yellow instead of the red i have now Is this possible to do? i used a red duplicolor paint on the first time i did it. just wondering if it would stick still on a pre-existing paint. would i just clean and paint or would i need to maybe sand it a little bit? :confused:
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-Take caliper off
- Attack with 320 grit sandpaper
- Use brake cleaner
- = unpainted clean caliper
Would it change much? or would i still be good if i just painted over?
Could prob just paint over it. Use a wire brush with the brake cleaner, that should scuff the surface enough to allow the new paint to bond.
You could paint it over, but the paint job is gonna last as long as much effort you put into preparation. If you already have the caliper off, how hard is it to sandpaper it a little and dowse it in brake cleaner?

I'd rather do it right. One thing you might not notice is the added granular effect that the calipers add to the paint finish. If you overlap the paint, it becomes more unrealistic and provides a smooth coat. Maybe thats what you want though. It all comes down to preference.
Use the G2 as its a two part paint process (hardener).

Sand and mask off then paint away. Should be fine.
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