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Rear Speakers no Bass

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I am stuck in an unusual situation, I have a 2006 G6 base with the V6. However my interior displays are 2010, I have the 2010 gauges, radio, and climate control. Recently the Bass in my rear speakers have stopped working when they are balanced evenly. If I force the balance either all the way to the left, or the right, the individual rear speaker will have Bass, when they are both supposed to be working no Bass. All other audio still goes through speakers. Any ideas? I did all the above modifications myself and had to create a method for the radio to work, I'm open to try anything that could work. To my knowledge there is no amp in the car.
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Could you have reversed the polarity to one of the speakers? If this has happened the speakers would be moving in opposing directions and could somewhat cancel each other out when working together.
It was working fine for about a week, but I will double check my wiring and flop things around and see what happens. If it doesn't work I'm planning on tracing the rear speaker wires from the radio all the way back to see if there is an extra connection that may have come lose.
Well I figured out my issue. I guess the previous owner decided to have some speaker work done and they made a bridge in the speaker wire about half way to the back of the car. Well whoever did it didn't do to well because on of the connections was shorting on the car which to what I could tell was cutting the bass. I rewired from the speaker to the radio harness I made and is working flawlessly again.
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