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Reason's I probably won't get a G6

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I currently own a 2001 Grand Am GT and I am in the market for a new car...the G6 disappoints me :(

Things I don't like...

* Exterior styling is slightly feminine - but I could look past that
* Interior has cheap plastic
* Rear bumper, lower black plastic extension. Most of the G6's I see down the road have that fluttering in the draft, or it's uneven from all the pressure against it.
* Black mirrors on all cars.
* ABS optional - and most dealers around here choose not to stock them with the ABS option.
* Wish you could just get a sunroof, not packaged with all kinds of other crap.

And the most annoying "feature" is that they moved the door locks back up onto the top of the interior door panel. For people, like myself, that enjoy putting their arm/elbow up there when the window's down on a nice day, it rips right into your skin.

Overall, I like that they made side curtain air bags standard. The styling is ok.
The price is ok. I like it enough to keep looking at it, just can't seem to pull the trigger on it or others yet.

Also looking at Ford Fusion, Mazda 6, Chevy Impala, Acura TSX
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not everybody needs big rims and fancy radios in there cars to enjoy them. i can understand it would be a serious turn off to be forced to pay for additional, undesired options just to get a sunroof.
Johns77 said:
K, first of all, 17's are not really considered big. Secondly, if you consider a 6-disc changer fancy, your way out of the audio loop. And your right, there not a big deal to everybody but when you consider that a sunroof alone will cost you about what, 8-900 bucks, most people (which is why they package everything together) opt for the package.
gimme a break you clown. compared to the stock 16s they are bigger. compared to the stock radio the 6 disk changer is fancy. i'm not comparing it to a ****ing rolls royce or some stupid homeboys block crushing sub setup. they are being compared as options to their counterparts which do not come with the sunroof. i still don't understand why you would want to piss away money on options you don't want, but whatever it's your money.
Johns77 said:
First of all, please dont call me names, it only makes you look like more of a fool because you cant argue with intelligence. Secondly, you JUST contradicted yourself, your saying that 17's are only big compared to 16's which was my point exactly!! 17's are not big. And i dont care what your comparing it to a 6-disc changer is not fancy by ANY standards unless your used to a am radio with tubes in it. Lighten up, but your car your way ill buy mine my way.
hahaha c'mon are you for real? first of all, don't make the mistake of believing that i care what you think of me. the 17s are bigGER. ya happy now? the 6 disk is MORE fancy. how about that? you can go be mr. nitpicky about that crap now if you want. the point still stands, who wants to pay for options that they don't want other than you? this person talks about trying to buy their car their way and and you come in trying to tell them there is nothing wrong with the aditional options that they don't want and then have the gall to tell me I am contradicting myself? that's rich.
Johns77 said:
K, your right, im wrong. Now go watch your "fancy" color tv. Later.
actually it's just a non-HD rear projection so i am sure compared to newer TVs it isn't really fancy. in fact it may be LESS fancy.
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