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Reason's I probably won't get a G6

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I currently own a 2001 Grand Am GT and I am in the market for a new car...the G6 disappoints me :(

Things I don't like...

* Exterior styling is slightly feminine - but I could look past that
* Interior has cheap plastic
* Rear bumper, lower black plastic extension. Most of the G6's I see down the road have that fluttering in the draft, or it's uneven from all the pressure against it.
* Black mirrors on all cars.
* ABS optional - and most dealers around here choose not to stock them with the ABS option.
* Wish you could just get a sunroof, not packaged with all kinds of other crap.

And the most annoying "feature" is that they moved the door locks back up onto the top of the interior door panel. For people, like myself, that enjoy putting their arm/elbow up there when the window's down on a nice day, it rips right into your skin.

Overall, I like that they made side curtain air bags standard. The styling is ok.
The price is ok. I like it enough to keep looking at it, just can't seem to pull the trigger on it or others yet.

Also looking at Ford Fusion, Mazda 6, Chevy Impala, Acura TSX
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I hear a lot about that rear valence flapping around on the highway, I wonder how much truth there really is to that.
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