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Hi fellas
I recently got my G6 back on the road. I spared no expense rebuilding my engine and having a shop put it all together! Here are some things outlined which presented problems...wasn't many just something to look for!
Make sure you research your gasket sets!
Under good wiring was brittle and had to go thru GM and get a couple pic tails and splice in
Exhaust- since each header has to be removed it's a good time to replace the catalytic converters !! While under w exhaust inspect the two flag braid connections
Replace all 4 oxygen sensors
Ask the shop to send out your intake manifold to have all the carbon build up removed!
Make sure you put a little sealant I used gray permatex around the EGR tube ends
Inspect all coolant hoses replace if questionable as i had them all on hand for my shop
I was at 130,000 miles and went ahead with a tune up, and new ignition oil pack module, I used Taylor made 7mm wires and ac Delco oem plugs, GM module

I cannot stress enough to print out the coolant purge procedure for the day 3.5 liter 6 cylinder engin3s. This is extremely important. This is extremely important to follow...I had supplied my shop w the printed directions I found on this site btw

I am currently in need of my
repairing my Exhaust! As it
was mentioned I inspected it earlier
B4 work was done and I needed it fixed
In working with a locally well known shop
I've used once before and did great work! They
welded all the seams and couplers!
So we will go soon!

Keep you all informed

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