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The point (and the short version) is to thank waterfowler76. Which doesn't seem like enough, to just say thank you. But THANK YOU! :bow: Your very old post helped me soooooo much!

The long version: Seriously I'm writing a novel, sorry. I found a 2009 G6 GT in the middle of February this year with only 46K miles on it. It was pretty cheap as well. I was forced to get rid of my old car which broke my heart. It was on 04 Monte Carlo SS that was rotting away from harsh winters. :bawl: I didn't have the money to sink into it... I'm still sad. Anyway, I have this G6 now and it has it's quirks (nothing major) that I will be taking it in to the dealer this week for. One of the things on the list was a very obnoxious metallic squeak coming from the passenger side. It made this noise almost all the time and was making me start to dislike my new G6. IT was taking the joy out of ownership, honestly. I took it to my regular mechanic who said he could not replicate the noise. Then it stopped when it snowed or rained. Today was the nicest day we've had here in weeks and it sounded like I was smuggling baby chicks in my back wheels when I hit bumps. It was so bad I could hear it over the stereo up almost too loud. If I was driving next to walls or a building it was amplified and was actually embarrassing it was so loud. SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK.

Out of desperation at 3am I went searching for an answer. Having owned many cars and having a bit of sense I thought maybe it was a bearing, ball joint, or something else suspension related. I also didn't expect the dealer to be able to help since my mechanic couldn't help. He usually always fixes my car issues and I rarely have faith in dealer services....Then I saw a post here...saying lube the parking cable clamp thingy. I thought "yeah right" I'm never that lucky...it can't be that easy. I went and bought WD-40 with an extra long applicator tube and carefully sprayed the clamp. Didn't even have to take the wheels off. Hopped in the car and held my breath. Bump after bump and SILENCE. I was stunned. I yelled out loud "AAAHHHH BLESS YOU, waterfowler76!!!" I was/am so happy. It's a small thing to many. But for me it was huge. I love driving and that noise was ruining my time in my new car. To have it fixed for 12$ and 2 minutes of time? A miracle. I'm not even religious lol

Thank you thank you thank you waterfowler76

I can only hope the dealer can fix the other stuff, I doubt it will be as good a result as that $12 quick fix :)


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