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Relearn my camshaft!

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Hey,How yall guys doing! I bought a vector tune pcm and ecm but my check engine light keep coming on so i scan for the problem and then i got a code that says Camshaft not learn!..now i took it to the dealership and they relearn the camshaft but then after driving for 40 mins the light came back on! and its the same thing! so what can i do???
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crank relearn....Im surprised the dealer didnt reflash your PCM and ruin your tune.....
which they may have.

Find someone with a dashhawk or get one to do the relearn.
I have one you can borrow if your close to SA...but Im not mailing it.

Here is the procedure:
CASE Relearn is the Crank Angle Sensor Error relearn procedure. This is necessary if:
- A P1336 Crankshaft Position Sensor Error DTC is present
- A brand new PCM is installed
- The engine crank sensor has been disassembled or replaced
- The engine balancer and/or timing chain has been removed or replaced
This procedure is prompted with various menus on the DashHawk, but it is VERY IMPORTANT THAT THESE
This procedure is as follows:

1. Be sure the engine coolant temperature is at LEAST 158 degrees F. The DashHawk will check and will not let
you perform the procedure if this condition is not met.
2. Set the Parking Brake and make sure the hood is closed.
3. Turn the engine off for at least 10 seconds.
4. PLACE YOUR FOOT FIRMLY ON THE BRAKE. This is VERY important, as the procedure will NOT
work if you do not have the brakes firmly engaged!
5. Go to the Diagnostics Menu->GM Commands->CASE Relearn menu on your DashHawk.
6. Start the vehicle and let the idle stabilize.
7. Follow the prompts on the DashHawk screen. When ready, hit ENTER to initiate the process.
8. When the DashHawk tells you to, steadily rev the engine up to approximately 4000 RPM until you feel the engine
stutter or “top out”.
9. IMMEDIATELY back off the throttle and let it return to idle.
10. Check the DTCs and see if P1336 is present. If not, then the relearn procedure is complete.
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