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Hey guys, I have the same problem Ive seen a few of other guys have but their post werent answered... My Remote for Entry and setting Alarm works sometimes and most times doesnt. I dont know what the problem is, took it to GM dealer and they said it works fine, they ran a test on it, but when it comes to doing it to the car most times it wont work at all.

At random, it will work and function fully... Does anyone have the same problem as me? Its a Pontiac G6 2006 V6. I just got it last weekend...


Edit: I want to add that the battery has been changed, has a new one in it now.

I know you posted this i long time ago, BUT I wanted to tell you that my 2007 G6 V6 has been doing the same thing to me. Just all the sudden the remote stoped working and I tried a new battery, which was not the case, it just would work then stop, now it will not work, but the wierd thing is, is that when that stopped wokring, my car alarm started doing crazy things, like going off in the middle of the night with no one around and even the day time, but mostly mult. times during night. The dash started reading "door ajar" just as the alarm prob. began and we figured out it was the right front passenger door. Was about to take it in, but stopped reading "ajar" and alarm stopped going off out of nowhere, but now its been about a month and it has started back up again! What did you end up doing with yours and did your alarm do the same thing? HELP!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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