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Remote Start questions

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Is there any way to tell if your car can use a remote starter? How hard is it to set up if so? I have a fob with the remote start button that I picked up from Ebay. Thanks.
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If you scroll through the menu options, there should be a menu option to turn remote start on or off if you have it. I'm not sure about how hard it is to program it unless you feel like spending $50 or so at the dealership.
I just dropped $230 bucks at the dealership to convert my 08 G6 to a remote start model. Just included labor, the key fobs and they hooked something else up to reprogram it.
best way to get remote start is factory trust me, it turns on your hvac to the setting you have it, runs for limited time and fully functional with your alarm. gm remote start is an option that can be installed by your dealer, purchase it... should come with a module, plug in harness and two fobs. and the system would be covered under your original man. warranty
ok this is what i dont get.. i have a 2007 G6.. with keyless entry and no remote starter.. does the G6 need to have a module or wiring installed from factory in order for me to upgrade my keyless entry to include a remote starter?
It cost me $350 at Trailblazers to have the FOB and the remote starter installed. It took them 7 hours and said it was one of the hardest they had ever installed! It was well worth it!
If there's a "+" sign on the back of your current remote, your vehicle is already equipped for remote start. You just need to get the proper remote to use the feature.
Most of the g6 GT's are already equipped with it. Im not sure about the G6 V6.
Most of the g6 GT's are already equipped with it. Im not sure about the G6 V6.
I have a G6 V6, and according to the manual, they are.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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