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Remote Start quote a bit high ??

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Sorry if this is the wrong forum..

But I want to put in the GM remote start for my 2008 G6, I've confirmed with the dealership that I can do it and all that, but I'm just wondering about the quote I was given.

$179+tax for the 1-way remote, plus about 2hrs of labour costing $240.

Doesn't this seem a little high ? The service person did say 1-2 hours, so I'm not sure if it will cost the full 240, but I'm sure if I agree to it, they'll charge the full time.

What did everyone else pay from the dealership ?
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Yeah that sounds about right i was quoted something around that for mine when i was looking into getting it. I didnt get it cause i was just curious but you know what i mean
179 for the unit itself sounds about right.....but from what ive heard you just basically plug it in. But you will have to take it to the dealer to have them program it. but that cant take longer that 15 minutes.
If it is as simple as reprogramming, which it probably is, then 240 for install is crazy!
When I had a Viper remote start installed in the parents Subi, it was just over 400 with tax, but it was obviously aftermarket, and therefore required some actual wiring to be done. Prob took about 1.5-2 hours for the tech to install.
To be honest with you I dont find it that useful, I have it on my GT and I hardly ever use it, only if you live where its cold as hell or hot as hell and you want the car/engine to warm up or cool off with the ac, thats about the only use of it I can think of, i wouldnt pay that much to put it in, i would rather spend that money on some engine or appearance mods :p
Well, as a matter of fact....I live in Winnipeg, MB Canada.

And yes, it gets brutally cold here in the winter. I've had Remote start in my last 3 cars and I can tell you its very nice to have.

Although, this will be my first winter with my own garage to park in :D (bought first house earlier this year)
The main reason i got the remote start was because my key fob for the Subi broke, and the dealer wanted like 150 for a new one. We wanted the remote start anyway, so it was a great time to get it. It also like quadrupled the remotes range over the shitty stock remote.
Well for anyone that might come across this thread and is wondering the same as I was...

The dealer told me that it was $295 for the kit, then 1.5 hours for labour. After taxes (12%), it came to $433. They told me I was only getting one FOB, but somehow I ended up with 2 ? I didn't bother to ask...

It's strange because those fob's are supposed to be $179 a piece....

Either way, it works as nicely as one could expect...I think i'll enjoy it a little more after its paid off and forgotten about :)
holy i dont know where your dealer is getting their prices but my friends got his for his 6 2 remotes said and done for about 250....
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