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How To: Remove Stock Headunit

OK, I don't have any pics, but it is fairly straight forward. Those of you who had Grand Ams previously with their pop-off radio trim are in for a little more work on this car. It took me about an hour to do, but I was figuring it out as I went, so I'd estimate 35-45 minutes for anyone following these instructions. You will need a 7 mm socket. Here we go:

1. Open both driver and passenger doors and pull off the plastic covers on the sides of the dash (look like fuse block covers), they snap on with a friction fit.

2. Once these covers have been pulled off there are two screws for each lower dash panel (the part with your change bin on the drivers side and the glovebox on the passengers side) remove these.

3. On the drivers side, under the dash there is a sound deadening panel above the pedals. There are 2 screws that attach this, remove both. The hood release cable also snaps on to the back of this sound deadner, unsnap this. Pull the panel towards the back of car to completely remove.

4. On drivers side there is a screw which attaches the kick panel (thing with change bin) to the radio surround located on the far right (almost against console), remove this.

5. Now the entire drivers side kick panel is unscrewed, it is held on by 2 friction tabs belowthe steering column, pull the panel out towards back of car to unsnap.

6. Move to the passenger side, we are going to remove the passenger side kick panel including the entire glovebox. First there is a sound deadening panel under the dash that is held in with two screws as well, remove these. This sound deadener will not come out completely, but this is fine it can just hang down.

7. While under the dash you will see 3 screws that hold the kick panel to the car, remove these.

7. Open the glovebox and you will see screws along the top (4 total, it is not necessary to remove the 2 screws that hold on the latch, but take off the other two) and two along the left side. Remove all these. The last screw along the left side is hard to get to, if you pull each side of the glovebox bin in, you can get it to flip completely forward, this helps to get to that last screw.

8. The entire passenger kick panel with glovebox should now come out if you pull towards back of car.

9. Using a small flat (jewelery type) screwdriver, pry out the hazard light switch and unclip from its wire harness. The radio surround is now held in with just friction tabs all along it's sides, pull it towards you and it will pop out, the vents also come out with this part. WARNING! Make sure you have removed the hazard switch from its harness.

10. The HVAC (heater and AC) controls will need to come out now, there are two screws that hold this in place, disconnect the wire harnesses from the back of this to totally remove.

11. Finally you can remove the head unit by unscrewing the 2 screws on each side. Unplug the harness and antenna from the back of it as well.

Reverse process to install, it may be helpful to make a list of where you took the screws from so you don't leave any out. It is not necessary to put each screw exactly back to where it came from, they are all the same. Pictures can also be helpful when disassembling.

Let me know if there are any questions.

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its not too bad, i did it twice.. but i recommend taking pictures before you take apart.. just so u know how everything goes back together.. the first time i did it i put things back wrong, the second time.. i fixed my errors and it's much better.. also.. i found a trick to stop rattling, and to give things a tighter fit
put clear tape.. like loosly on the whole for the clip and tuck it back.. like.. i have to take a pic to show you exactly what i mean.. but it's sweet

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Seriously? There is no way to simply take off the middle cover without first taking off the lower driver dash and glove box? That's insane! Talk about a terrible design change.

UPDATE: Nope. LOL. I just swapped my 2005 climate control with the 2009-2010 refresh style and nope. You really do have to take off multiple panels and lots of 7mm screws just to pop off the center cover that only has 2 screws. GM easily could have not used those lips along the side and made the 2 screw tabs overlap the other way so it could have been removed with just those 2 screws.
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