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I switched my 2007 radio for a 2008 (with the Aux) and everything is fine (after VIN reprogramming) except that the Aux input from my iPhone (or anything, I've tried other devices) is very low output compared to the volume I get from the radio (ie FM stations).

The AUX 1/8" jack does seem a bit worn; is there some kind of issue unique to me, or is this just actually how the Aux performs on the 2008 etc?

It seems odd to me that you wouldn't be able to get similar volume out of the Aux compared to Radio, but I also don't understand what could be going wrong to create this issue (the sound quality is fine, only the output volume is different)

Thanks for any input from owners fo 2008 or newer that came with the Aux, or anyone who's done this switch on their pre-2008 model
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