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Last week I noticed that one of my fog light bulbs was out while driving through... You guessed it, FOG!

Anyway I went to the local Autozone and picked up a pair of Sylvania H11 xtended vision bulbs, (I think that was what they were called) After figuring out how to remove the headlights, six little clips and a few screws, I found out how to replace BOTH fog light bulbs without removing the splash guard from the right side wheel well. The air box does get in the way so what I did was to remove the plastic clip that holds it in place, it is mounted in rubber and looks like a supersized version of the six small clips that hold the fascia in place. After removing the clip you can flex the airbox assembly out of the way enough to reach down and remove the fog light bulb. I also had to gently undo the clip on the wiring harness for the bulbs to get enough room to do what I wanted to do.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the process was.

Now I need to find out if my extended warranty covers speaker replacement as the front passenger side speaker is going. Weird...
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