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Hey everybody. New here. 2006 Pontiac G6 GT. Not sure where this goes. I've read the How-To on the door panel take down, but I'm not sure I have to go through ALL of that to replace the assembly. I hit a garbage can and it busted the mirror out and cracked the back of the assembly. Unfortunately it also busted out the small plastic bar that holds the sticky paper, that holds the mirror. Spent 11 bucks on the mirror to no avail. 41 bucks on the replacement assembly. Apparently hardware means "sticky paper". :confused:

I am hoping that I can remove just the tweeter triangle on the door, and the control panel parts to get to the electronic clip, but I have no clue how to remove the actual mirror.

Question is, has anyone else had this experience yet? I was searching and reading through but could only find mirror replacements, not whole assembly replacement walkthroughs. Thanks for any help.

Edited*** Sorry, apparently you do have to take the entire door panel off. That is unfortunate since the actual clip is right below the top lip of the door, but it was not hard at all. Torx, wrench and screwdriver was all I needed. Anyway, done now!
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