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G6Action said:

cut it off, get a piece of exhaust pipe from your friendly muffler shop or parts store and CLAMP it in place. test drive and see if you like the sound.

if its too loud (my guess is that it WILL), THEN go buy your favorite performance muffler and WELD it in place.

just a thought.......
Removal of a resonator typically has minimal effect on sound "volume". Removing the resonator typically changes the tone (not necessarily volume) and also removes the smoothness of the note. It typically turns raspy, and barks more on throttle off.

Replacing the resonator with a muffler, though, would not be something I would recommend myself, that is unless you want the exhaust quieter. A muffler will reduce volume, and will increase restriction more so than a resonator.

I'd have a shop cut the resonator out cleanly, and temp-bolt a pipe in there. If you don't like it, have them weld the resonator back in place. Should be no more than a $50-$75 job.

What would be ideal is for someone to post a sound clip who has done it.
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