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So I was in the market for some Wheels and found them at Wheel Rack Online. This is my experience only, your mileage may vary.

I first tried to order through the website but I couldn't because I couldn't get to the checkout screen. I called them about it and they said they're working on it to get it to work (understandable). I then found out they only buy through paypal, so he sends me a invoice (4 wheels @ 124 = $496, 20 locking lugs @ total of $20 Shipping from CA to IL = $120; Total of $636). The order was placed on Wednesday, 4/10/2013.

The wheels had to be re-machined, by a shop, from a 5 lug to a 4 lug bolt pattern and they were full on Thursday, 4/11/2013 and would get to them on Friday, 4/12/2013 and could possibly ship the same day. The wheels were done on 4/12 at the end of the day. I asked if they would be shipped on 4/12 and the customer service guy said no, it would be have to be Monday, 4/15/2013 because they shipping department isn't open on Saturday, 4/13/2013 (even though shipping companies are open on Saturdays...I wasn't too happy they didn't ship them on 4/12).

So 4/15 comes and I don't receive a tracking number until 6:33 P.M. Central time (4:33 P.M. in California). I wait patiently the entire day and then when it comes time (3:00 P.M. CA Time) to see about shipping numbers, the CS guy says "Okay, let me go back to the shipping dept and I'll call you back in a minute". Sometimes they don't answer the phone. An HOUR passes, now I talk another CS person and she finally gets me the tracking numbers and the first set contains one letter (T) and she sends me "corrected" tracking numbers which now contains two letters (IT). I then call FedEx directly and the CS person states that their numbers don't have letters them. I'm now thinking I got scammed out of my money. So he gives me the digits in place of the letters and it works out. I call them to give them the correct numbers and the wheel rack lady says she couldn't read the shipping guys hand writing (What a professional company...outdated much?). The order shipped on 4/15/2013 and will arrive on 4/18/2013.

The correct shipping numbers verify that I wasn't scammed and got a good deal. Overall, I would give the company a F. I would not order from them again but had to deal with poor customer service to get a good deal.

**Order arrives at 4:30 P.M. on 4/18/2013. Wheels are in great condition, comes with everything BUT THE F**KING LOCKING LUG NUTS. I check the shipping papers, don't have them listed and only have me 4 tracking numbers, for the wheels. Also, there are inserts for the lug nut covers and they don't match, 2 HAVE red lettering around the symbol and 2 DO NOT have red lettering around the symbol. Patience level = 0.

**4/19/2013 rolls around. I was refunded the $20 for the locking lug nuts (just used the stock four plus one locking lug on each wheel). They're sending me the correct lug nut cover inserts. I ask why the lug nuts weren't shipped and she said that the shipping department forgot to ship them. Wheels were also installed on this day. They were manufactured with two holes (one on the inside, one on the outside) for the valve stems. On the front wheels, the valve stems on the outside hit the caliper and they cleared everything on the inside. On the rear wheels, the valve stems on the outside hit the caliper while on the inside they hit the suspension. So I got some stems from Advance Auto Parts that eventually cleared everything but to keep the TPMS I'm going to need a spacer, which I plan on doing. They also needed a hub centric ring (which I forgot the measurement).

Good pricing (2nd lowest per wheel, awesome deal on 20 locking lug nuts)
Shipping was a little steep (120 from CA to IL, 3 days to arrive)
Customer Service was poor (not answering phones sometimes, too long to call back)
Shipping department sucked (don't ship on Saturdays, apparently can't write well)
Wheels arrive without lug nuts (forgot to ship them), lug nut inserts don't match (sending correct ones)
Fitment was wrong (needed hub centric ring) and need a spacer to fit with TPMS stems (had to use smaller on the rear)

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Sounds like a good deal, and I like how they re-machined them for you. The wheels I want don't come in 5x110 only 5x112 or 5x114. They're also just over a grand for the set, without tires. Someday...

I don't think I'll be going through this company. Thanks for the well written in depth review!
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