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Rims and Chrome accents

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to post a pic of my 6 up to date. It has the new rims I got and the lower chrome on the grill. Only thing that it different now is I put window visor on today.

Let me know what you think.


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woops forgot to attach the pic
I still dont see the pics
should be there now
Hey!! long time no see.... Rims look good!
haha i know its terrible how long its been. work has kept me crazy busy so...what else is new tho right? :p
Looks good! I did that same thing to my front lower grilles, but recently took it off. It is chrome accent that you can purchase at a parts store (auto zone, advance) comes in a roll pretty cheap mod and looks sweet; after a year of sun in the summer and salt in the winter it didn't look as sweet is why I took it off.
Yeah I grabbed it at canadian tire haha its like 12 bucks for like 20 feet?? don't hold me to it but it does look sweet. I also put it on my window visor that I installed this week. Also putting on the hood deflector soon i'll post pics.
Looks nice! Really like how that chrome turned out on the lower grill
Thanks :)
Looking really good! Keep itup!
Wish I had chrome rims or the 18 fan blades(solstice). Anyone wanna trade my 5 spoke alloy wheels with tires(new 2k on them) for 17 chrome/18 alloy fanblades with tires?

I need some help!

I am new to this website can someone help me put a picture on my profile every one i use is to large and it says upload fail or somthing. i know this is random but idk how i even got to respond to somthing. since you guys are talking about chrome and stuff i was wondering has anyone every tried painting thier plastic grill a chrome color just like the outline of the grill? thanx for the help.
Your picture is probably too big you will need to re-size it. I think it only allow pictures with a size of 97kb? Feel free to correct me guys.

As for painting the grill a chrome color i think waterfowler has done you can try to ask him. If not im sure he has an answer for you hes full of knowledge. Hopefully he'll see this post.
I've only painted over those figure grilles....but i have heard of peolple painting theirs...just dont know how they have turned out.

I tried resizing it to like 100 but it only got to capture my headlight so Idk how am I supose to show my whole car and where do u add additional pictures besides the one on the profile? And I will ask him thanx
Pontiac, go to google and download picasa 3, in there go to file, export photo - in that option you can reduce the size (640x480 or smaller should do the job) and then upload that. Hope that works! : )
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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