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i have an 05 g6 (4 door), and i have a friend who has an eagle talon, and he had a set of rims a while ago, they were stock rims for a galant (bolt pattern is 5x114), and we tried them on, and they fit on my car. so the other day, i bought some rims off craigslist. they are HP lightning evo rims, and i love them! they are 5x114 lug pattern, but when i tried to put them on my car, they didnt fit. i looked online, and found that my bolt pattern is 5x110 (correct?).. so why would the stock galant rims fit, but not these ones?? also, is there a way i can make the hp rims fit? because it looks like they are really close to fitting.. please let me know. thanks.
You could get spacers and they should fit I’m finding out I’m tring to get rims for my 09 Pontiac g6 and yes the bolt pattern is 5x110 that’s weird 5x114 fit
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