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so today i was asked to unlock the vsl on an 04 cavalier. which got me thinking. who in the blue hell would even feel safe doing over 110 in a car thats maybe safe stock to go 90-95... but people. anyways i race my g6 just about anytime i need to relax. i dont go to the streets i dont go to a track. ones unsafe and ones expensive as hell. so i worked out a deal with my local airport/police department. i teach potential road racers exactly what their cars can do at the airport and scare the hell out of em at the same time. i will say that i enjoy the cocky kids that think their top dog (the 16-18 year old initiates to driving) as they seem to crack the fastest. so i took cavalier boy out upped his vsl to 150(roughly) and told him i have to "test" the settings. at the half mile mark we hit around 90, 3/4 mile about 115. this is the fun part, the wait for them to squeal as we approach the end of the runway. 119 he reaches for the wheel. i hit the brakes. he eats his dash and around turn one and two we go. hes holding on for dear life at this point. (always wear your seatbelt) so half mile stretch this time soft left then hard right coming to a fairly graceful stop about 20 ft from my car. cars always seem to develop an odd orange underglow when i drive them and they dont belong to me. not quite sure why... so i set his limiter back to stock and asked him the same question i do all the others. "wanna try my car now?" for some reason they never want to. and they definitely dont mind me resetting their limiters either. moral of the story to whoever reads this. if you are under 21 and dont have a clue as to how to adjust a speed limiter you sure as hell dont have a car capable of doing more than what its limited to safely. trust me those pretty red calipers and drilled rotors on my car aren't just there for looks. put half the money into your car that i did in mine and you might need a 5mph boost. until then keep it on the tracks and off the roads. (side note: my limiter is set at 130mph just because i know thats the point where i go from g6 to holden or g8)
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