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Rotor Questions

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I just replaced my front rotors and pads hoping to get rid of that warpage problem and squeeling, but the warp feeling (a lurching feeling when applying brakes) is still there but not as bad. As far as the squeeling i managed to fix that.

So should i go get some rotors for the rear and swap them out? The shop said the rear rotors were fine but the front were warped. They wanted $380 for a front brake job. So i did it my self for under $100. Im still getting a little lurching and i think the rear rotors need replacing too.
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if it is lurching, but the steering wheel isn't moving back and forth, then most likely back rotors warped a little.
Ya the steering wheel doesnt move anymore but the lurching is still there so i guess i get to get dirty again and replace the rear rotors. May as well get pads in there too while i have it torn apart.
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