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I've had a few issues with my car that I've been battling out with the dealership I've bought my car at. They "can't reproduce the problem"/are unwilling to look at it.

Basically, I've got a persistent rough idle with my car.

It's not severe, but I can put a glass of water in the cup holder and can see it ripple. I also have passengers ask me occasionally if there is something wrong with my car while stopped at a light. The RPM's on my tach occasionally go up and down while stopped, however not all the time.

The dealer cleaned my fuel injectors and indicated it might be a bad EGR valve, but wouldn't replace it. I bit the bullet and replaced it on my own. Still no difference. They have not been able to find a cause. (i.e plug the car into a reader and notice a problem)

This problem occurs whether the car is in neutral, drive, or park. And occurs whether or not the car was just turned on or driven 100 miles.

The engine is a 3.5L LX9.

Any idea as to what it may be?

Second, under moderate to heavy acceleration, when I shift into the next gear, the car will squeak and make a high pitched "pssh" sound. The repair shop took my car for 2 days, put 300 miles on it, and couldn't reproduce the problem, which is odd considering I can do it on demand, whenever I like.

I'm more worried about the squeak sound. Any idea's as to what that might be?

Thank you again for reading, and any help you can offer! :) These two problems have plagued me since November shortly after I bought the car. Other than that, it's been an awesome car!!

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The squeal you hear is probably the flex bellows on your exhaust. the bellows enables the engine to to torque without damaging the exhaust. Looks like an accordion easy to fix my car had one get a hole in it.

Idle problem may be caused from a vaccume leak. Start your car and spray some carb cleaner around intake manifold. You will need to remove the plastic cover over the intake manifold to do this. If you hear a change in Idle while spraying the carb cleaner you have a vacuum leak.

Another thing that may cause this is bad plugs. If you have a bad ignition wire you usually have a back fire.
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