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well as we all no the convertable offers no trunk space and putting a sub were the spare tire is just insnt practicale it would rattle the glass and everything els. so im wondering what you other vert owners are doing for some bass? im going to be upgrading my monsoon system becuase it just plain sucks, starting with a clarion dvd unit, 2 xovision sunvisor monitors 12.2 inch, alpline or kicker components for the doors, but my real quistion is the subs! my husband wants to take the rear side pannels were the speakers are, fiberglass them, apply dynomat on the inside and use kicker shallow mount 12's and basicly convert those pannels into a box. http://www.kicker.com/comp_vt i need my backseats for the kids so eliminating that is out of the quistion. so just looking for some ideas. here are some pics of the jobs my husband has done this winter

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