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It seems as if the majority of us are having issues with our G6's, with today's economic the way it is times are tough, the only way that some of these problems (which are very costly ALL THE TIME :( ) are going to get fixed, is to report them to this site, it is a government site which allows us to make them aware of our problems which they have to investigate:3stooges: and at that point decide whether to make a recall out of it (which means they fix it at no cost to the consumer).

Please take the time to browse the recalls and service bulletins FREE OF CHARGE !!!! :eek: Safercar.gov

Pontiac has a considerable amount of design flaws not to mention engine troubles etc. etc. etc........
don't sit around and whine about it, go tell someone who can actually make the dealerships liable for there flaws. (besides I love nothing more then to get my money's worth)

Good day to you!! It's Friday..........:beer::agree::cheers:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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