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Service Engine Light after Control Arm Replacement?

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So on the 30th of June I got new tires for my car and was told that I needed new ball joints/control arms. Got those replaced on the 2nd of July. Driving to church on the 4th of July I got a message saying to check gas cap. Turned it off and back on while the car was parked and shut off. The next time I started it, I got a Service Engine Light. Drove it like that until this past friday night when I had time to stop at the dealer which cleared the code for me, and said that it had passed the test that brought out the code which was "large EVAP leak detected" but I didn't get the code number. I'm suspicious that during the replacement of the control arms that they hoisted the car in the wrong spot and screwed up the evap canister thing on the car. I looked at http://www.sandyblogs.com/techlink/2006/07/lifting-the-pontiac-g6.html and it sounds like that may be the issue.

Crappy part of this is that the shop that did the repair work for me is over 2 hours away from me in my parents hometown, do I have any way to get the shop that broke it to cover some of the repairs if it is in fact something that they did to break it? Is there any way to tell? I won't be back by my parents house until the 4th of August and would like it to be fixed before then...
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never seen that before....i really dont think there is anywhere else to lift the 6 from. i wonder where they would have lifted it from??
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