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I just wanted to see if anyone is having similar problems.

- The 6 speed doesn't want to go into gear when it's cold. When I come to a stop, I can't get it into 1st until I'm at a complete stop. Even upshifting into 2 and 3 is difficult until the car warms up. I've been running it through the gears at a stop light to 'warm' it up, and that seems to help a bit, but it's not a fix.
- The display on the radio doesn't light up. The radio and cd play fine and it's got the dim red back lighting, but the digits aren't showing up. The alerts for the passenger door being open didn't show either.
- Since it's been cold out, I've been turning the vent on to about 74 degrees. After it warms up, I'll turn it down to 69-70, but it's still blowing very hot air. I had to turn it all the way down to 60, before I got a different temp. 61-75 was all the same hot air. By the way, the outside temp has been between 30-40F.
- The driver's side door was replaced shortly after I picked it up. Ever since, there's an occassional rattle in the door.
- I haven't located this squeak/rattle, but it's somewhere near the left side of the dash. When driving down a very bumpy road, there's a high pitch squeak similar sounding to fingernails on a chalkboard. Very disturbing.

I really like the car, but I need to find the time to take it in to have these things looked at. I just wanted to see if others had these problems too.
Take care.
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