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Shifter plate and knob

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Trying to take my shifter plate off so i can paint it, but dont know how?!? Looked through alot of the threads to see if i could find an answer before i asked, but i could not get a straight answer. How do you take the shifter plate off, and how do you get that damn ring to pop down off the shifter knob? And how do i get that rubber peice off my driver door to get the screw off so i can paint that peice too?

Please any help, i bought the paint and everything yesterday, but i dont want to tear up my 6 to find out its something simple?
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that really helped alot, saved me time trying to figure it out, but i did manage to break almost every little plastic clamp piece i could find! that damn crome piece on my shifter...pain in the ass to get off, broke one of the snaps so it doesnt stay, gonna stick some tape in there to hold it, but at least it will be easier to get off next time. everythings painted, gonna let it all dry till tomorrow, not by choice, but because it started raining as soon as i got everything apart...texas weather sucks. pictures as soon as everything is installed!
All done, check it out...thinking about painting my radios backplate too, but i dont wanna take all that off

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hey that looks pretty good man.
thanks man, i tottaly messed it up the first time, had to strip the paint resand and start over, but it came out much better the second time. now if i can only figure out how to get the cruise and radio controls of my steering wheel so i can paint those too..
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