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Sin City Bailout

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Well its coming up again people!

lets see some interest again. hopefull this year is much bigger.

Sin City Bailout is an all domestic car show and meet open to all domestic 4 and 6 cylinder engines. The imports have their shows it's about time we have our own. Last years turn out was decent with about 30 cars ranging from neons to cobalts to focus.We would love for the HHR guys and gals to make it out this year. Dates are april 30th though May 2nd. There will be a bbq, show and shone, car cruise, and just all around fun times.

Rooms are now available at Palace Station! Please get yourt rooms reserved ASAP considering they have to be reserved by April 16th.

We have 20 rooms available.

we have 5 courtyard rooms and 15 tower rooms.

Here are the prices per room

Courtyard : $39.00 a night
Tower: $49 a night.

If people are going to bunk this will make things cheaper as well.

It’s up and running in the system.

# to call is: 800-634-3101

Ask for Sin City Bailout or group code: PCIBAIL


Keep them coming!

Heres the website from last year.


heres pics from last year. http://www.cobaltss.net/forums/showt...=1#post3849005

Any questions post them in this thread or pm me/
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The link with photos from last year won't work. Can you fix?
Damn!! I might have to check that out.
u really should/ spread the word we want a huge turn out
DANG! That's one of my off weekends too! Hmmm... I might have to think about this one. It'll be a close one though, I have rent due on the first. I'll see when it gets closer.
keep em coming guys we want u there
Not going to make it.
ok. come on any other g6's?
count me and my 6 in....so whats the plan/schedule?
count me and my 6 in....so whats the plan/schedule?
finally.lol. well try to get more g6's man. Oh and also if u have any friends out there with domestics feel more than willing to invite them. Um the agenda should be on the sin city bailout website. I know it's last years agenda but it's stil the same thing
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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