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Slight "pop" in front end on take-off

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I've only had my G6 GT (2007) for a few days and am loving it. However, I have noticed a slight "pop" (or thump) when accelerating from a stop or turning at low speeds (usually accelerating then too). It is hard to tell where it is coming from, but feels like from right behind the steering column. I was wondering if it could be a suspension issue (car has 29k miles on it). My wife's Buick Rendezvous was doing something similar at 35k miles and had to have both front outer tie-ends replaced. Is it normal for the G6 to have a little pop (and it is VERY minor, btw) or something I should have the dealership look at?

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My O6 also had pop sound in the steering. Fixed with lubrication. There is also a GM service bulliten on this which replaces the steering shaft. Also have a rattle over bumps at low speeds, more so when cold so they replaced the shaft. Pop is still fixed but rattle is still there. Make sure you buy extended warranty before your 60 k is up. Any similar front end rattles?
Check out this site for service bulletins. There is one for starter run on. They will replace it. http://www.lemonlaws.info/Recall-Bulletin.aspx

Hey HoodHicka! I also bought my 06 G6 last June as an off rental with 32K. You should have warranty till 60K covering most except brakes which now at 58K , mine are pulsing. If you did not buy extended you can get it before 60K is up. Smart move to extend.
To all. They only replaced my steering shaft for the pop noise. Did they replace the steering rack to fix the rattle (sounds like a loose brake caliper)??
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