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Slight "pop" in front end on take-off

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I've only had my G6 GT (2007) for a few days and am loving it. However, I have noticed a slight "pop" (or thump) when accelerating from a stop or turning at low speeds (usually accelerating then too). It is hard to tell where it is coming from, but feels like from right behind the steering column. I was wondering if it could be a suspension issue (car has 29k miles on it). My wife's Buick Rendezvous was doing something similar at 35k miles and had to have both front outer tie-ends replaced. Is it normal for the G6 to have a little pop (and it is VERY minor, btw) or something I should have the dealership look at?

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Steering Pop

Took my '07 G6 (25k miles) to the dealership last week with the "popping" noise in the steering column when performing slow speed turns. They diagnosed it as a bad intermediate shaft...and of course, had to order a replacement. Haven't taken it back in to have the new i-shaft installed yet. Hopefully this will fix the issue, but I expect the pop to re-appear when the new i-shaft gets some wear (unless the replacement parts have been redesigned.) From other replies I've seen on this thread, it sounds like there may be several potential causes of the noises.

Is anyone else having vibrations when the brakes are applied (especially at high speeds). It feels like the rotors are warped, but they started vibrating with only 20k miles on them...I'm not relpacing rotors every 20k miles!
Front End POP

Just got my '07 back from the dealership where they installed a new intermediate shaft in the steering - the pop is gone! Don't know how long it will last, but for now my car is not maddeningly irritating to drive again...:)
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