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Slight "pop" in front end on take-off

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I've only had my G6 GT (2007) for a few days and am loving it. However, I have noticed a slight "pop" (or thump) when accelerating from a stop or turning at low speeds (usually accelerating then too). It is hard to tell where it is coming from, but feels like from right behind the steering column. I was wondering if it could be a suspension issue (car has 29k miles on it). My wife's Buick Rendezvous was doing something similar at 35k miles and had to have both front outer tie-ends replaced. Is it normal for the G6 to have a little pop (and it is VERY minor, btw) or something I should have the dealership look at?

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Yea Im having the same problem with the brakes after they get hot....sounds like a low rumble when I get on the brakes on a long high speed stop......Funny the dealer couldnt duplicate it.

Ive gone through the popping noise when hitting bumps or turning into driveways.

Irritating rattle in the headliner......took the dome light out and reached my hand up there to find some loose wires laying on top of the headliner.

Now I got a starter running after starting ( occasional ) for maybe a second or 2 after starting.

Gimme my old Goat back ! !
Thanks NIXY........DAMN !! only 135 TSB's for '05 G6. I saw the starter TSB in there. The dealer reprogrammed the PCM . Looks like there are a lot of issues with the PCM / powertrain. I also had a little "engine flair" after a few seconds when i first start the car up....i put it in gear, the engine's idle went up and the damn car leaped forward. Everyone watch out for this one also !
1 - 2 of 111 Posts
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