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Slight "pop" in front end on take-off

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I've only had my G6 GT (2007) for a few days and am loving it. However, I have noticed a slight "pop" (or thump) when accelerating from a stop or turning at low speeds (usually accelerating then too). It is hard to tell where it is coming from, but feels like from right behind the steering column. I was wondering if it could be a suspension issue (car has 29k miles on it). My wife's Buick Rendezvous was doing something similar at 35k miles and had to have both front outer tie-ends replaced. Is it normal for the G6 to have a little pop (and it is VERY minor, btw) or something I should have the dealership look at?

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I've got this same problem on my 2005 GT (37K miles). Stupid me too, it was doing it at 35K but I was traveling on business alot and didn't get it looked at in time.

Maybe I can get some "goodwill" from GM. Wait, did I just say "goodwill" and "GM" in the same sentence? HAHAHAHA
Haven't checked in here in a while, sorry....

I posted in this thread on page 1 (I think) about this problem. I took it in at 37K, told the dealer I'd heard about a widespread problem with this pop, they said they'd take a look at the TSBs and see what they could do.

Called me back, told me there was a TSB for the steering but that my "pop" was steering column related, and that I was getting a new steering column, and that the dealer and GM were going to take care of the bill. I couldn't tell if the column is new or not (I know the steering wheel itself is original) but the noise went away, until recently. I'm now at 45K on the car, so best I can tell, whatever they did, only lasted about 9K miles. Cause for concern.

Sounds like I need to pay the dealer another visit.
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