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I'm looking to buy a 2008 G6 sedan. I went to the dealer today and they had a 18,495 G6 for 13,995 if you did the smartbuy program. They said that after a month of smartbuy you could just pay off the rest of the car and be done with it. Is smartbuy the way to go or is there something shady about this?
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Read this:
GM's "Smart Buy" Program
It's really a dumb lease!
Salespeople know the word "lease" reminds us of bad memories and scams in the mid 90's so the brilliant marketers at GM have relabeled it, disguising leases with the name "Smart Buy". It's sort of a purchase, and sort of a lease. Salespeople tell you that YOU own the car, your monthly payments are less and you can buy the car in the end for a balloon payment. I'm sorry folks, that's a lease with a purchase option at the end. They don't tell you the balloon payment may be more than fair market value because they artificially inflate the residual value to make your monthly payments less. Balloon payments are risky, what if you don't have the cash at the end? Even GM's website places a veil over the lease telling us that that Smart Buy "enables you to own your vehicle and lower your monthly payments. The low payment is possible because each month you pay for the portion of the vehicle you expect to use." Leasing is fine if that's what you want, but our visitors have been tricked into thinking they are "buying". If you don't buy the car at the end, you pay a $250 disposition fee. Why don't they just call it a lease?
I don't recommend balloon payments! No one is ready for them when they come due.
It came from here: http://www.carbuyingtips.com/car3.htm
I am with RKH, it is not a good thing. I actually got suckered into one over eight years ago... I went over the miles...turned the vehicle back and at the end of four years still owed GMAC another 2500.00 for mileage.
Good idea somewhat,if the car is a '"POS" ya only gota keep it for a little over 3 years,if ya like it ya can buy it at the end of the lease.
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