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2010 G6 GT :)
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I've been on this site about six months, but I never posted one of these "new member" things. I apologize for my ignorance! :) So I guess I'll go ahead and do this now..better late than never, I guess.

My name is Mark. I'm from Arkansas..and if you're wondering, those labels people put on us as being redneck hicks aren't true..for the most part. Haha but the whole wearing tons of camo and cowboy boots and driving pickup trucks is a reality for a lot of people, especially in the small towns like where I live.

I drive a 2010 Pontiac G6 GT. His name is Duke - after the famous jazz legend Duke Ellington. I love my car! I'm really not into any mods though..just hoping to get it tinted and maybe some pinstripes.

I don't really know much of anything about how cars work. I wish I did! I've always had an interest in cars, and decided on Pontiac long before I could drive.

I have an interest in most anything vintage. I have a telephone collection, along with a few record players and a couple 8-track players. I absolutely love vinyl! My Fleetwood Mac albums are definitely my faves.

So yeah..I guess that covers it. If you want to know anything else, just ask! Again, sorry I'm late posting this!

Hope your Christmas has been amazing and that God blesses you in the new year!
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