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So this happened... never seen such a catastrophic failure.

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I was cruising to a friend's house to go to a concert later and all of a sudden, I hear a thumping noise and I knew right away I had a flat, so I pulled over to the shoulder, to be greeted with this:

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Locking hubs Motor vehicle

I mean, the biggest pothole in the world wouldn't do this. I'm thinking something happened before I owned it that weakened it and it finally just gave way. Unreal.

The best part? I put on the spare and went three hundred feet and then that went flat, lol. Had to have it towed.

Went to u- pull yard yesterday and picked up a new matching wheel and put it on today and it seems fine, but as soon as I can I'm going to have the same tires on all the wheels mounted onto it so they're all the same.

The stupidest thing about the whole ordeal was that at the U pull yard, the cars are suspended, so when you take a torque wrench to the lug nuts the wheels just spin.I was lucky enough to find a G6 that was still on the ground and was able to get the wheel off. I can tell it needs to be balanced, but not too bad.I'm just hoping there's nothing else wrong and a tire shop won't mount a tire onto it.

Oh, the joys of car ownership...
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