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Some brake questions

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A friend of mine's daughter has a 2005 G6 coupe. He wants me to do the front & rear brakes on this car but I've never done the ones on a G6. I have done the ones on a 98 Grand Prix before. Can anyone tell me what the torque specs are for the caliper bolts? What else do I need to look out for or do special on these brakes?. Thanks for any help you can give.

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You need the borg tool for the rear to compress the e-brake piston.
Specs?? I just turned till it was tight! ha haaa

Here is a write up I did in the past on it...
1) Loosten lug nuts on wheel
2) Jack up car and remove wheel.
3) Remove the 2 bolts holding the caliper together
4) Move caliper up and rest it on your upper control arm thingy. :lol:
5) Take needle nose plyers and remove retention washers on the wheel studs.
6) Remove rotor by pulling it straight off.
7) Put new Rotor on being mindful of direction if you have the slotted option.
8 ) If any washers are salvageable from #5 put them back on. If not dont worry about it.
9) Pick up caliper and rotate back down.
10) Replace metal retention clips.
11) Remove old pads but be mindful of which side has the metal squeel replacement warning device.
12) C-clamp the piston down flush for ease in install.
13) Paint anti-sqeel crap onto outside of the pad where it will touch the calpier & slide new pads in.
14) Put caliper back on and bolt down.
15) check everything then reattach wheel.
16) Before turning on your car- pump the brakes slowly to re-engage the piston against the pads.
I would do this about a half dozen time slowly then a few fast times to the floor. Feel it tighten up?

Go drive it!!

Rear wheel:

Yes the same but add a
12.5) You need to insert the Borg tool into the E-brake piston and with a 3/4 drive you
torq it down.
and add a
17) Pull up on the ebrake handle many time until it gets tight. This will re-engage the
e-brake piston to the caliper pads.

Im sure Im missing a few things.... Oh yeah

18) Raise a Beer and yell "POOOOOONERS"!!!!!

:lol: :lol:

Ooops...almost forgot.
Here is your Borg Brake Tool:
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I have both service manuals but Im lazy. I will glance through it but there are thousands of pages...lol
Ok. Page 5-105.
They are self retaining fasteners that DO NOT require thread locking compounds.
The brake caliper mounting bracket bolts are tightened to 115 N-m (85 lb ft).

Now I have a question for you!

Oh no....they are on backwards!


Your two tone is like a bag of skittles!
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Mine wernt that hard. What size ratchet are you using?? 3/4"?

If you have a small hammer you might try tapping the ratchet to help break it.
I dont mean BANG on it....just tappa tappa tappa while holding it snug on the bolt.

I dont recall anything being blocked. I will be pulling my wheels off in the next few days to clean and touch up a fe spots on my calipers. I will look at the backs and take a few snaps of the bolts you remove.
I dont recall it being difficult at all.....
Cool beans.....& DAAAAAAY NADA!!
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