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Some brake questions

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A friend of mine's daughter has a 2005 G6 coupe. He wants me to do the front & rear brakes on this car but I've never done the ones on a G6. I have done the ones on a 98 Grand Prix before. Can anyone tell me what the torque specs are for the caliper bolts? What else do I need to look out for or do special on these brakes?. Thanks for any help you can give.

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I just did this over the weekend. It was a piece of cake...minus repeatedly screwing up my paint job on my calipers that I'm completely unsatisfied with... but other than that - I wasn't aware of the "borg" tool and found out the hard way...and just needle-nosed plier'ed it down... worked perfectly. ;)
Have any color ideas in mind for the calipers on your silver G6?
I was having a hard time deciding for my car's color... red goes with almost anything...so I went red/yellow. lol
I think most colors will look good as long as you don't screw up the paint in the process... which is what I did...sorta. haha.
Here was my end result from this past weekend:

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haha... I'm not really sure how I feel about them. To be honest, I think I want to repaint them silver or black. Or maybe both silver and black. I don't know if I like how the color contrasts with my car's colors. I haven't decided if I like them this way or not.... :(
Hey thanks... I think when I get my new rims I'm going to repaint them black (where the yellow is) and silver (where the red is)... Since the color of my car makes the red/yellow look out of contrast...Then again, I do kinda like it when I look at it. :p
Sweet sweet. I mainly want larger front tires (and all around) for the better grip and handling... 19's...is what I'm after. Just big enough to help catch grip, just small enough to not weigh the car acceleration down. 17's are just too small and slip too easily. :p
Oh snaps :eek: Pooners busting out the bilingual.

No sé hablo éspañol. :p
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