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Some brake questions

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A friend of mine's daughter has a 2005 G6 coupe. He wants me to do the front & rear brakes on this car but I've never done the ones on a G6. I have done the ones on a 98 Grand Prix before. Can anyone tell me what the torque specs are for the caliper bolts? What else do I need to look out for or do special on these brakes?. Thanks for any help you can give.

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Hey thanks... I think when I get my new rims I'm going to repaint them black (where the yellow is) and silver (where the red is)... Since the color of my car makes the red/yellow look out of contrast...Then again, I do kinda like it when I look at it. :p
That would look good too! I dunno that I'll ever get new rims. I actually like the ones on the car now. Who knows though. I could always see some and fall in love with'em. Next for me is either the rotors and pads, should get the rotors tomorrow or Friday. Or...I'm getting a new ECM from Chris any time. Hopefully before the weekend. Definitely put it in first. I've got the 91 tune in now from Vector and going to 93. Then after that, I'll get an intake.
Sweet sweet. I mainly want larger front tires (and all around) for the better grip and handling... 19's...is what I'm after. Just big enough to help catch grip, just small enough to not weigh the car acceleration down. 17's are just too small and slip too easily. :p
Hey folks, great thread. I'm far from a mechanic, but changing the front brakes wasn't hard after I figured out what I was looking at.

The rear... that's another story. I can't get the retaining bolts off. I'd swear there is Threadlok on them as all 4 bolts are pink tinted on the outside. I managed to get one off and it was pink tinted pretty much all over.

Anyway, so the top retaining bolt seems to be blocked by some other bolt. That's problem one. Number 2 is that I absolutely cannot get the other three to break.

So back to my original statement about not being much of a mechanic. I'm sure if I get a breaker bar and pound the crap out of it I'll get it. Any other ideas? They won't move!
FYI, I also hit 'em all with PB Blaster and they're soaking overnight.

Thanks everyone!
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Mine wernt that hard. What size ratchet are you using?? 3/4"?

If you have a small hammer you might try tapping the ratchet to help break it.
I dont mean BANG on it....just tappa tappa tappa while holding it snug on the bolt.

I dont recall anything being blocked. I will be pulling my wheels off in the next few days to clean and touch up a fe spots on my calipers. I will look at the backs and take a few snaps of the bolts you remove.
I dont recall it being difficult at all.....
Neeeeever mind. A breaker bar helped. And yeah, they sucked to get 'em off. Damn near rounded the bolts off cuzz the 13mm socket I borrowed from my neighbor was a POS. A quick trip to the store and that was fixed.

Anything I should be looking for or doing? I drove it around the block a couple of times and seemed fine. I did pump the foot brake and emergency brake quite a bit before taking off.

Mucho gracias, boys and girls!
Cool beans.....& DAAAAAAY NADA!!
Oh snaps :eek: Pooners busting out the bilingual.

No sé hablo éspañol. :p
Solid, are those brand new rotors or zinc plated?
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