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mchip said:
ya, you are absolutely right it could have been a lot worse. I got an estimate today on the repairs and it is going to cost about $700 CDN. The whole passenger side of the car needs to be repainted to be able to blend to repainted area into the rest of the car. The guy at the body shop said eggs are bad news for paint but supposedly a can of coke can do much more damage.

Thats pretty cheap for a paint job.
After my bonneville was repaired/repainted I got a quote to get the spots on the car re-painted that were factory paint so that it would match perfectly all the way around. Just to paint the passenger side doors, rear quarter panel, bumper and decklid was $1000USD.
I think they charged $2000USD to paint the rest of the car and it looks amazing...better than factory.
I decided to pass on the paint since I couldn't tell the difference, but it just bothers me knowing that its not perfect :)

mchip, I think I would rather have someone egg my car than have my wife take it back through the cloth wash :eek:
At least that way you can get it repaired as a vandalism claim :cool:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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