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Like my grandma used to say, "Some people would complain if you hung them with a new rope".
Hadn't heard that in a while :) I always got funny looks when I qouted it. That happens when you hang around with the culturally deprived. :D

Anway, we love our G6. It has been trouble free for us. When asked the one thing I would change, I would still change the interior lighting from red. Is that a complaint? No.

Gas mileage: For whatever reason, we didn't reset the gas mileage computer when we filled up the first few times so the total now shown is the cumulative for the life of the car, or at least all but the first 57 miles. It shows 32.8 mpg. About half the miles were interstate highway and the cruise control moves it along with a nary a hiccup at 75-80 mph.

The car it replaced was another GM (Chevy Corsica which we bought new). It was smaller, less comfortable, noisier and seldom ever gets over 30 mpg.

The G6 was complicit in a "first-ever" speeding ticket for one of our family's drivers after 40+ years behind the wheel! It cruises so quiet and nice at 75+ mph that we blew right past the radar machine. Ooops.

For info, our 2005 G6V6 has a shade over 6000 miles on it. It doesn't have a sunroof. It doesn't have enough windnoise to notice. I can hear the pavement surface change...not because the tire noise is loud but becaue everything is so quiet.

Forums on the internet tend to bring out complaints. There is very little conversation to be made from "my car is great today, how is yours?" "great, thanks for asking". [YAWN!] OTOH, if someone has a problem, we encourage them to talk about it here in part as a way to help solve problems and sometimes it helps to share.
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