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AND, we should all keep in mind that it is just Human Nature that those who are really HAPPY with their G6's are not going to look for a forum to express their delight, but those who have had 'issues' will seek out at all costs a forum to express their displeasure......and dont' get me wrong, thats GREAT!!! you know, the American Way and all. but we ALL need to keep these complaints in perspective and realize that this is a very small segment of G6 owners (what is the membership now, 400+?) compared to the number of these cars GM has sold nationwide and in Canada.

for the record, while i have experienced the much-publicized (in this forum, anyway) steering wheel lock-up issue, i still LUV MY 'G' and haven't seen anything on the road that i would trade it for. like 'G&M' said, it IS only the second year for production and most of the complaints have been from those of us who have the FIRST YEAR PRODUCTION cars.

seems, though, that a majority of complaints are about the way customers are treated at the Dealership Service Department and NOT so much about the car itself. it appears that many owners realize that there may be some 'bugs' to get out, but are still happy with their purchase. MANY, but not ALL!
but i for one am not the least bit sorry i bought MY Pontiac G6 GT Sedan! :)
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