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SOMETIMES 2006 G6 won't start unless pressing on the gas

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I have had my 2006 G6 for a little over 3 years now and ever since I bought it, occasionally (about 4 times a month) my car has trouble starting all the way unless I press the gas to help it. What could be the problem? I am getting worried now because I have been putting up with this for 3 years and I don't want it to crap out all of a sudden. Thank yoU!
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I have a similar issue but im leaning towards fuel injectors being dirty or i need new spark plugs 62,000 miles

Im testing the fuel injector theory out now hopefully thats all it is its funny giving it a little gas on start up when an old lady is getting in here car next to you i always get looks like im a jerk or something LOL
Yeah, when I researched it, it has came down to fuel injectors for me too. How much does it cost to get it cleaned by a shop? Let me know how yours goes!
Try a $4 bottle of fuel injector cleaner yourself before you pay some one to remove them and clean them.
Now that I think about it, every once in a while I put that stuff into my tank when I get gas, maybe not enough, probably like every 3 months... so I just bought more bottles today, I am going to do it atleast every time I fill my tank (about once a month)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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