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Spark Plugs

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I was wondering if anybody (some body probably does) knew what came stock for spark plugs in a G6 GT 06. I am also wondering if anybody has used a pulstar pulse plug? Any information would be great thanks.
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Just make sure you shop around and do research that ISN'T found on the manufacturer's website. The manufacturer isn't going to include e-mails that say, "The electrode came loose in my engine and destroyed my valve!" or an advertisement that says, "Basically just a normal spark plug that costs three times as much."

Go with OEM replacements...there is a reason the factory used the plug it did.

Edit: How many miles do you have on your old plugs?

Edit#2: Also...I can theoretically show you 4 different spark plugs that will give you an increase in power and gas mileage...because we'd be comparing them to your current spark plugs which are used and quite possibly nearing the end of their useful life.
#1-I don't have many miles I just bought the car used.
#2-well i am just researching what i might want to put in my car as far as i know my plugs are not that close to the end of there life but eventually they will be.
In the past I found Autolite is the best. I replaced a set of plugs on a car I had from Autolite to NGK. The Autolite plugs had approx 70000miles on them, the NGKs made a hudge difference at first but a month later it was business as usual. My next plug change will be Autolite.
thanks geewhiz for the advice. I will take a look into it.
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