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Whenever I turn the car on, and it's cold outside my speakers are muffled. Also, when I have it on xm, the right speaker will rattle as if blown. This happens mostly on songs that have a higher bass sound. It also happens more often when it's cold outside.

I now have 30k miles but I am out of warranty due to time. I started bringing my car to the dealership over a year ago with this problem. So far they have replaced the right front speaker twice and the amplifier once too. They now tell me that the rattle is normal and that the muffled speakers when the car is cold are also normal.

I called GM and they're telling me that the dealership wants to find a car identical to mine to compare the problem...Personally I think they should replace the head unit or the xm box.. but they think I'm crazy.. Is anyone else having this problem?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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