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Speed Limiters

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so i had two question about this.

1. my 08 V6 limits at 105, and i know there used to be alot of talk about this but how can the speed limiter be removed?

2. In a closed environment on a racing track, what would be the highest safe speed with stock engine, suspension, tranny, and such?

Any response is appreciated, thanks.
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about that fast... they're limited for a reason.
a tune will eliminate it....but you gotta have rated tires.
What do other models top out at?
I had my 07 GT coupe up to 125 and it was still going...
Was the limiter removed on mine by the previous owner?
Ive got an 08 Gxp coupe and I pegged the speedo past 140. I think its limited to 145 for mine
The 05 GT is limited to 135. Tune will eliminate it and as long as you keep it in a straight line on a closed track, you can take it as far as the car will go until it's drag limited.

Note that a "chip" is not a tune in case you feel like going on ebay.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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